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Ergo Engineering

Ergo Engineering

Knife Diagram

We know why you’re here, and it’s not just our good looks. It’s our top-quality engineering that makes chopping, slicing and dicing an experience, not a chore. If it sounds like we’re taking ourselves too seriously, we’re not. People have told us time and time again that our knives “feel like an extension of (their) body.” For real.

After thousands of sketches, quite a few (dozen) prototypes and hundreds of test runs with chefs, culinary students and professionals across the country, we decided on the ideal shape, angle and design for our premier line of knives, the Pro-Series. Because we can’t improve on perfection, the Pro-Series is now the starting point for all of our knives.

So what does it take to be an Ergo Chef knife?

Our knives are forged from one piece of high-carbon German steel (type X50CrMoV15), so there’s no chance they’ll snap in two. They’re also precision heat-treated for long edge life to 56-58 RC. That’s “Rockwell,” the hardness test for steel. In layman’s terms, that’s a perfect hardness for long edge life.”

The blade is taper ground with a full radius on the cutting edge. This creates the ideal rocking motion for smooth and efficient cuts. And since the blade’s not flat, you’ll avoid the extra strain caused by abrupt stops.

The 18 degree blade edge is tapered to a .020-.025 thick back which then tapers to the spine of the knife. This .020-.025 thick area reinforces the strength of the edge for longer life.

The big guys of the group—the Chef knives and carvers—are balanced perfectly at the bolster radius for better control and less fatigue.

And finally, our signature ergonomically-angled handle design keeps the hand and forearm in a straighter line, so there’s less strain on the hand, wrist and forearm.

Knuckle Sandwich Series

Like the man himself, the Guy Fieri Knuckle Sandwich knives have a little more...flavor than our Pro-Series knives, but the red, black and silver flame-wave design is merely the icing on the engineering cake of the Knuckle Sandwich series.

The knives’ handles are all one piece from bolster to the polished end cap. The triple-tang of the handle is injection-molded through specific design cutouts with durable red and black ABS plastic, creating a permanent and seamless bond. The cutouts were precisely calculated to balance the knife based on blade weight.

Like the Pro-Series knives, the Knuckle Sandwich knives are made from high-carbon German steel (type X50CrMoV15) and are precision heat-treated to 56 RC +/-2.