Christmas Connection at The I-X Center, Cleveland. Sous Vide, Hoodoo Browns BBQ, Ergo’s New 2015 Products!

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Ergo Chef is an Official Sponsor of this year’s I-X Christmas Connection Show in Cleveland Nov. 20-22, 2015!

The Christmas shopping season starts here with over 600 10×10 booths offering something for everyone on your shopping list! Handmade soaps, pottery, gourmet dips, woven garments, flavored coffees, jewelry, furniture and much more will fill the aisles with Christmas cheer. Over 140 brand new vendors will be participating in this year’s event!

More Than 600 Booths to Shop From: The Christmas shopping season starts here with over 600 booths, including 140 new vendors, offering something for everyone on your shopping list, naughty or nice! Handmade soaps, pottery, gourmet dips, woven garments, flavored coffees, jewelry, furniture and much more will fill the aisles with Christmas cheer.

Live Holiday Entertainment: Holiday music throughout the weekend will get everyone into the holiday mood! Local choirs and gospel groups, Irish dance and music bands will be playing and performing all of the seasonal favorites.

Enchanted Ornament: Visit our 10-foot Enchanted Ornament and have your photo taken inside (nominal fee applies). Santa’s Castle: Bring your own camera and visit Santa in his NEW Castle for a great holiday photo.

Santa Land: Kids will have a great time with special features just for them! In SantaLand they can write and mail their letters to Santa, or stick around to meet him in person. The Sugar Plum Shoppe features over 4,000 pre-wrapped gifts (under $7 each) and is perfect for pint-sized wallets to buy special little gifts for Mom and Dad. Breakfast with Santa tickets are also available to add a little something special for your little ones! Click here for more information. Breakfast with Santa includes general admission to the I-X Christmas Connection following breakfast!

Gingerbread Square: At Gingerbread Square, the first 600 kids will have the chance to decorate – and eat! – their own holiday cookie. A giant gingerbread house will be on display to help inspire some sweet ideas. To burn off all that excitement, a children’s play area featuring child-friendly outdoor toys will be onsite.

Shop and Drop: This FREE service allows you to enjoy the event “hands free” but ensures you won’t go home empty handed! Attendees will truly appreciate the Shop and Drop which allows shoppers to place their holiday purchases in a safe place while they explore the show floor! Simply drop your purchases off for safe keeping and come back later to pick them up before you leave! Gift wrapping is also available, free of charge, right next to the Shop and Drop for all attendees.

To find out more about the show and buy tickets, click here:http://tinyurl.com/owjrhjv

Food Tricks & Kitchen Tips: Sous Vide

Sous_VideEveryone is talking about a new fad in cooking, Sous vide . Problem is it’s not new and has been around for years! It is a culinary technique in which vacuum-sealed food is immersed in a water bath and cooked at a very precise, consistent temperature. This technique typically involves cooking food for longer periods of time at a lower temperature, sometimes up to 96 hours! The idea of preserving and cooking food in sealed packages is ancient. Throughout culinary history, food has been wrapped in leaves, potted in fat, packed in salt, or sealed inside animal bladders before being cooked. People have long known that isolating food from air— accomplished more completely by vacuum sealing—, can arrest the decay of food. Packaging food also prevents it from drying out.

Although sous vide literally means “under vacuum” in French, the defining feature of the sous vide method is not packaging or vacuum sealing; it is accurate temperature control. A computer-controlled heater can warm a water bath to any low temperature you set, and it can keep it there for hours—, or even days, if needed.

Why Cook Sous Vide?

Cooking sous vide is easier than its name might suggest. You simply seal the ingredients in a plastic bag (you can also use a canning jar) and place them in a water bath, a combi oven, or any other cooker that can set and hold a target temperature to within a degree or two. When the food reaches your target temperature or time, you take it out, give it a quick sear or other finish and serve it. That’s it.

Sous vide is especially useful for cooking meats and seafood, for which the window of proper doneness is often vanishingly small when traditional methods are used. When you fry a piece of fish, the flesh is most succulent and tender within a very narrow temperature range. Because the cooking temperature of the pan is at least 200 °C / 392 °F hotter than the ideal core temperature of the fish, the edges will inevitably be far more cooked than the center when pan-fried.

Precise temperature control and uniformity of temperature has two other big advantages. First, it allows you to cook food to an even doneness all the way through—no more dry edges and rare centers. Second, you get highly repeatable results. The steak emerges from the bag juicy and pink every time.

A final important benefit is that the closed bag creates a fully humid environment that effectively braises the food, so ingredients cooked this way are often noticeably juicier and more tender. Food cooked sous vide doesn’t brown, but a simple sear adds that traditional flavor where needed so that you can have the best of both worlds.

sous-vide-lambWe’ have been asked many times about the safety of cooking plastic bags. The bottom line is that bags made expressly for cooking sous vide are perfectly safe —as are oven bags, popular brands of zip-top bags, and stretchy plastic wrap such as Saran Wrap. The plastic that these products are made of is called polyethylene. It is widely used in containers for biology and chemistry labs, and it has been studied extensively. It is safe. But, do avoid very cheap plastic wraps when cooking. These are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and heating them presents a risk of chemicals leaching into the food. We hope you try this method and enjoy!

Hoodoo BrownsLeader of the notorious “Dodge City Gang,” Hoodoo Brown was the baddest cowboy of them all.

Bank robber, cattle herder, Justice of the Peace, moonshiner and cook, Hoodoo Brown epitomized life in the Wild West. We celebrate Hoodoo Brown’s spirit and authenticity by cooking the best Texas barbecue on the planet…or at least right here in Ridgefield.

Owner Cody Sperry was inspired several years ago on a “guys trip” to Austin, Texas. There they traveled to over a dozen barbecue joints, with owner’s generously sharing their stories, secrets and passion for creating true Texas barbecue. He returned to Ridgefield with a new outlook and desire to replicate what he experienced in Texas.

IMG_5677 (1)He started his apprenticeship on a Big Green Egg smoker and eventually opened a barbecue catering business. Through the encouragement of his customers, friends and family, he decided to open Hoodoo Brown BBQ. He cook your barbecue low and slow, for up to 16 hours over aged hardwood on a custom Lang Smoker.

Visit their website http://hoodoobrownbbq.com/

To connect with Hoodoo Browns on Social Media: Twitter; @HoodooBrownBBQ Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/HoodooBrownBBQ/



Cassoulet and Tiger Bread 003Elaine’s Rustic Cassoulet
courtesy of Elaine Giammetta


1/2 lb bacon, cubed
1-15 oz can white kidney beans
1-15 oz can pinto beans
1 large Spanish onion, diced
10 garlic cloves, minced
3/4 lb ground pork
1/4 lb shredded duck confit
1 T dried parsley
2 T dried thyme leaf
1 T rosemary
1 bay leaf
1 t rubbed sage
1/4 to 1/2 c sherry (I use dry)
2-3 qts water (enough to cover all ingredients )
salt and pepper
fresh parsley


In a slow cooker, or large heavy bottomed pot, spread the bacon cubes, evenly over the bottom of the pan. This will be the first layer. Drain and rinse the beans. Mix beans, onion and garlic together and spread over the bacon creating the second layer. Crumble the ground pork and duck over the beans. This is the third layer. Mix all the herbs together (except the bay leaf) and sprinkle over the meat. Add water and sherry making sure all the ingredients are covered. This is important, so to ensure proper cooking. Add the bay leaf. Set temperature on very low and cook 6-8 hours or overnight if possible. If you are using a traditional pot, bring to a boil and then lower temperature and simmer on very low for 6-8 hours. After cooking is complete, gently stir in chopped parsley. Salt and pepper to taste.


Ladle into a bowl and top with a sprig of parsley. Serve with a warm baguette and a hearty glass of red wine. I chose a nice peppery Malbec. I hope you enjoy it.

Product Spotlight

This month we are spotlighting not one but three new Ergo products introduced in 2015. These are great Christmas gift for the chef’s cooks and healthy eaters in your life!

Michael Symon Cutlery


The new knives are out!…I’m super proud of them!…Nothing touches their quality in this price point!” ~ Chef Symon

The knives are Michael Symon Cutlery and include a 9″ Chef Knife, 6″ Chef Knife, 6″ Serrated Utility Knife, 3.5″ Paring knife, 4 serrated Steak knives.

The knives feature extremely durable G10 handles finished with 2 stainless steel rivets, and a full tang and bolster, all high polished for lasting beauty. The blades are precision ground from German made carbon steel and the straight edges are sharpened to 18 degree per side for perfect slices every time. The serrated edges are single sided bevel cut into our wider D shape for smooth cuts in all your proteins. All the knives are good for both right & left handed people.

Click here to purchase your Michael Symon knives: https://www.ergochef.com/MichaelSymoncutlery.php

The Myron Mixon Pitmaster Grill Tool

Grill Tool SThe Myron Mixon Pitmaster Grill Tool is the first tool to deliver a style and functionality that says “Game On”! The 3 in one design was specifically developed & tested for easily flipping all your proteins & large veggies on the grill with the patented flipper hook.A good sharp knife is a must to slice up your mouth watering Q, hence we use the “Workhorse” an 8” Chef knife size blade with 7″ cut for slicing up your meats and veggies, from prep to serving. The blade is high carbon stainless steel for superior durability, ground precision sharp for perfect slices. It boasts an ergonomic non-slip grip handle over a full-steel tang for strength and balance, so cutting is effortless with ultimate control. Last but not least is the bottle opener, built into the blade to keep you cool, sipping your beverage of choice. Now get grilling your favorite foods, and be the boss of your grilling domain with the ultimate “Myron Mixon Pitmaster Grill Tool”.

• Tool Weight: 8.5 Oz.
• Blade & Hook Thickness: .100″
• Blade Height: 2.200″
• Blade Length: 8″ w/ Precision Sharp 7″ Cutting Edge
• Flipper Hook: 2.750″
• Handle Size / Material: 5-3/8″ long / Non-Slip TPR
• OAL: 16.125″
• Blade Material: One Piece Carbon Stainless Steel (5Cr15MoV)

If you have any questions please call the customer service line at 877-796-0884 M-F 9am – 5pm

Only $29.99 Yours Today: https://www.ergochef.com/MyronMixon.php

The My Juicer Personal Juicer

my-juicer-bannerErgo Chef is excited about introducing a new product in Kitchen Electrics called “My Juicer(TM)” A Personal Juicer/Blender with Sport Bottle to quickly and easily blend all your Fresh or Frozen Fruits & Vegetables into delicious healthy smoothies. 

The Ergo Chef’s brand new My Juicer(TM) is made with top quality components for easily blending up healthy smoothies and shakes. The powerful 300 watt motor and 4 Stainless Steel blades are engineered for quick and easy blending of frozen fruits, veggies and even desserts. My Juicer(TM) is the first part of Ergo Chef’s new “Kitchen Collection” of electrics.  Includes: High Quality Stainless Steel & Black Plastic Base with NON-Slip Suction Feet. Durable BPA Free Plastic Sport Bottle with Removable Lid with Handle and One Juicer Blade Assembly.  Order My Juicer today and start drinking a healthier life!

To order click here: My Juicer.

Mike StaibChristmas Connection at The I-X Center, Cleveland. Sous Vide, Hoodoo Browns BBQ, Ergo’s New 2015 Products!
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Carving The Perfect Holiday Turkey

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We’ve all been there. The house is full of hungry family and friends, the aromas of roasting turkey and all the fixings and side dishes fills the house and, there you are, standing knife in hand, assigned the daunting task of carving the holiday turkey with no clue as to where to begin. This saga has been played out again and again, in every household throughout the Holidas. With little or no instruction, many just fake it and begin hacking away, the result being a tangled mess of meat and bones on a plate that, well, doesn’t quite look as appetizing as we intended.

Fear not friends, the Ergo Chef chefs are here to the rescue. We’ve put together a step by step guide to carving the perfect turkey that will wow your guests and make you the hero of the day. Just be patient, make sure your Ergo Chef Chef’s knife is held properly and we guarantee you’ll be presenting a delicious beautiful plate of turkey that will make you proud.

Once your turkey has been removed from the oven, let it rest so the juices set. On a sturdy cutting board, with a moist dish towel placed underneath to prevent the board from moving, prepare to make a culinary masterpiece:

1. Place the turkey on the cutting board or a platter, breast side up, with the legs facing away from you. Steady it with the carving fork in your guide hand.

2. Cut through the skin that connects one leg to the carcass, cutting as close to the leg as possible.

3. Set down the knife and pull the leg away from the bird until the ball joint that connects it to the carcass pops out of the socket. (If the turkey is too hot to handle, use a clean, dry towel to protect your hands.)

4. Cut straight through the joint with the knife. The leg will now pull easily away from the carcass.

5. Lay the leg on the board, with the knee facing you and feel for the joint connecting the drumstick bone and the thigh bone.

6. Place the knife blade directly on the joint and cut straight through to the board. (You shouldn’t feel any resistance.) If you do, the blade is on the bone, not the joint. Feel for the joint again and adjust the position of the blade accordingly. Repeat with the process above with the opposite leg and thigh.

7. The Wings: Grip a wing with your guide hand and pull it gently away from the carcass so you can see where it is attached. Work the tip of the knife between the ball joint of the wing and the socket. Cut all the way through the joint, through any meat and skin, and remove the wing from the carcass. Repeat above with the opposite wing.

8. The Breast: Steady the side of the breast you’re not carving with the carving fork in your guide hand.

9. Using the tip of the knife, cut down along one side of the rib cage, then lay down the carving fork and use your guide hand to push or pull the breast gently away from the ribs as you go.

10. Let the knife blade ride the rib cage straight down to the socket where the wing was attached. Cut along the bottom of the breast to remove that half completely.

11. Lay the breast half on the cutting board, skin side up, and cut it on the bias into serving-size slices.

12. Steady the carcass with the carving fork and repeat above steps with the opposite side of the breast.

We’re sure that if you follow these simple steps, soon it will become second nature and you’ll be carving your poultry like a pro. We hope this guide has helped and from all of us at Ergo Chef, we wish you a Happy Holidays.

Ergo Chef

Mike StaibCarving The Perfect Holiday Turkey
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Knife Skills

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Hello friends,

With today’s installment, we will examine the techniques and proper methods of using a chef’s knife. Our chef’s knife  is the ideal knife for chopping vegetables, herbs, fruits, cutting boneless meats, slicing, dicing and general cutting tasks. The chef’s knife generally has a blade eight inches (20 cm) in length and 1 ½ inches (4 cm) in width, although individual models range from 6 to 14 inches (15 cm to 36 cm) in length. Our blade shapes are German; German-style knives are more deeply and continuously curved along the whole cutting edge.

Sharpening Your Knives

It’s important to keep knives sharp to stay safe when cooking, as dull knives are a safety hazard and can be very dangerous. The more blunt a knife’s edge is, the more pressure it takes to cut something, the more likely you are to slip and cut your finger instead. Sharpened knives reduce the time it takes to prepare your meals as well. To sharpen a knife, you can use a professional sharpening stone, also known as a whetstone, or a sharpening stick. Directions are usually provided with the sharpening products. Our 10″ and 12″ diamond sharpeners will keep your knives razor sharp with just a few passes or you can use our new Fast Edge manual pull through sharpener which cuts an 18 degree edge on your knives every time.

See the different types here: Ergo Chef Sharpeners. If you don’t feel comfortable sharpening your knives yourself, many retailers offer professional sharpening or you can Google for knife sharpening in your area. You could also try your favorite cooking supply store, as most offer sharpening services.

How To Properly Hold & Use Your Knife

For more precise control, adopt a grip on the blade itself, with the thumb and the index finger grasping the blade just to the front of the bolster and the middle finger placed just opposite on the blade. When slicing or chopping, keep your fingertips curled inward. Use your fingernails in what is called a “claw grip,” to help grip the food. The knife blade should rest against the foremost knuckle, helping keep the blade perpendicular to the board.

Types Of Knife Cuts

Large dice: ¾ inch × ¾ inch × ¾ inch.

Medium dice: ½ inch × ½ inch × ½ inch.

Small dice: ¼ inch × ¼ inch × ¼ inch

Batonnet: ½ inch × ½ inch × 2½-3 inches.

Aluumette: (al-yoo-MET) ¼ inch × ¼ inch × 2½ inches.

Julienne: (joo-lee-ENN) 1/8 inch × 1/8 inch × 2½ inches.

Brunoise: (BROON-wahz) 1/8 inch × 1/8 inch × 1/8 inch.

Fine Julienne: 1/16 inch × 1/16 inch × 2 inches.

Fine Brunoise: 1/16 inch × 1/16 inch × 1/16 inch.

Paysanne: ½ inch x ½ inch x 1/8 inch Tourne (turned)

7 Sides: ¾ inch (width) x 2 inches (length)

If you are serious about cooking and becoming more adept in the kitchen, learning how to use your knives with proper techniques and practice can make the cooking experience much more enjoyable. The time spent getting to know your knives will allow you to not only be safer, but we bet you, your friends and your family will appreciate and enjoy your new culinary acumen and the delicious gourmet dishes coming out of your kitchen.

Till next time,

Ergo Chef

Mike StaibKnife Skills
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Tony Luke’s Pork Story

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The pork is a fresh ham!

We take our oil, garlic, some other seasoning, salt / pepper, hot pepper and we rub the pork down inside and out. After we cut the pork open, we rub inside and outside, then tie the ham up and put inside a net. Next we slow roast it over a 9 hour period and collect the juices that come from that with some other spices that are proprietary, we cannot give out as they were years in the making. We mix those juices together which becomes our AuJus and because it is slow roasted with the oil and garlic, salt, pepper and our other seasoning (proprietary seasoning) which breaks down the pork and becomes very tender but not breakable. It doesn’t break apart like a pork shoulder. Then we take that and cool it off overnight and then cut it into slices when we are ready to serve it at the store. It still stays firm but yet very, very moist and juicy. When you cook it slow it keeps all the natural juices of the fresh ham in the pork itself and those spices help break down some of the fiber.

This recipe was passed down from my great grandmother to my grandmother then to my father and now to me and my brother where the recipe has been perfected to mass produce.

-Tony Luke, Jr.

Mike StaibTony Luke’s Pork Story
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Bio of Tony Luke Jr.

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A true son of South Philly, Tony “Luke” Lucidonio Jr., 50, is a man of many talents and enormous energy.

In the 1990’s Tony Jr. worked tirelessly with his Father Tony Sr. and brother Nick to build the Tony Luke’s legend. From lunch trucks to full Italian meal take-out, they tried it all until they hit on the Old Philly Style Sandwich formula that took enormous culinary leaps beyond the famous Philly Cheese steak.

Twice hailed by Gourmet Magazine for quality and innovation, and renowned by GQ Magazine, New York Times and scores of other media, Tony Luke’s redefined the Philly Sandwich experience with specialty favorites like their Roast Pork Italian, Chicken Cutlets with Broccoli Rabe & Sharp Provolone.

With a savvy eye for marketing and publicity opportunities Tony Jr. has kept the business in the spotlight and has expanded this Historic South Philly tradition into 8 Premier Locations making it one of the biggest success stories of the Philadelphia dining renaissance of the last two decades, as well as being featured in countless food based TV shows such as Man vs. Food & Throwdown with Bobby Flay.

Today Tony Jr. continues to speak to the Business and Community Leaders and has recently entered the Culinary Equipment arena with his own Branded Knives. With all Tony has accomplished he still finds time to serve his community.
Tony Jr’s other gifts bloomed early as a student at the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts.
He trained as an actor appearing in his first play in 1982, wrote and produced music including songs for Billy Paul and A&M Records, and even topped the CD Baby charts with his latest song “Right Here.”

Meanwhile Tony has continued to hone his craft as an actor, appearing in many feature film productions and even Co writing and Co Producing his own feature film, The Nail “The Story of Joey Nardone.

The Nail

Coincidentally Tony Jr is just wrapping up a 1 year personal “Weight Loss & Good Health” campaign. Always health conscious and extremely active for a “big guy” Tony Jr. has used a regimen of sensible eating and exercise to knock off the weight.

Acting Credentials

2009 The Might Macs
Salvatore Galentino

2009 The Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone
Joey Nardone

2009 The Burnt House

2009 Mortal Sin

2008 Return to Sleepaway Camp

2008 Sight

2008 The Unknown Trilogy

2007 Frankie the Squirrel

2006 Invincible
Cape-Clad Fan

2006 10th & Wolf

2005 Straight Forward

2004 Mafioso: The Father, the Son
Paulie Hammer

2003 Hack (TV series)

2003-2004 The Jamie Kennedy Experiment (TV series)
Anthony Martinelli

1998 The Evil Within

1986 Dance Party USA (TV series)

Writing Credentials

2009 The Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone (movie)

Producing Credentials

2009 The Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone (executive producer)

Tony Luke Jr as himself

2011 Booted (post-production)

2012 Mancation (completed)

2010 Food Feuds (TV series)
“Pork Feuds” (aired 2010)

2010 Food Wars (TV series)
“Philly Cheesesteaks” (aired 2010)

2010 The Best Thing I Ever Ate (TV series)
“Regional Favorites” (aired 2010)

2009 Man v. Food Nation (TV series)
“Philadelphia, PA” (aired 2009)

2009 Eye of the Tiger; Thrill of the Fight

2008 Dinner: Impossible (TV series)
“Crayon Craziness” (aired 2008)
“Block Party Blowout” (aired 2008)

2007 This Is My Cheesesteak (documentary)

2006 Throwdown with Bobby Flay (TV series)
“Cheese Steaks” (aired 2006)

Please visit Tony Luke’s website for further information regarding Tony Luke Jr. Also please see the links below for recent PR for Tony Luke Jr.

Tony Luke’s Website

Shop Tony Luke Products

Tony Luke’s Music & Film

Philly.com, cover of Philadelphia Daily News 1/17/2012

Yahoo Sports, post-game story 2/7/2012

Wall Street Journal, Japan as ambassador for Takeru Kobayashi Wingbowl 20 Champ 2/7/2012

Philly Health Watch, cover Story based on Tony Luke Jr and his recent weight loss

Mike StaibBio of Tony Luke Jr.
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Mercer County Community College – Fully Equipped With Ergo Chef Cutlery


Mercer County Community College celebrated the opening of its new teaching kitchen on September 14, with an official ribbon cutting ceremony. Former White House Chef Sam Morgante made a special appearance and presented the kitchen with an exclusive array of ergonomic Ergo Chef Pro-Series 8” Chef Knives, featuring a unique presidential seal.

Students of MCCC’s culinary program now have the luxury of using top notch cutlery equipment from Ergo Chef’s most infamous Pro-Series line, to help promote less fatigue and better ergonomics while prepping food. Not only do teaching kitchens come fully equipped with specialty knives, Ergo Chef’s NEW Duo Tongs are also included because of their unique half steel half silicone design, which can be utilized on all cookware – even the grill!

MCCC’s programs prepare students for employment in various entry-level management careers in the food service and lodging industries. From Hotel Restaurant and Institution Management to Professional Baking and Culinary Arts, Mercer has a lot to offer with the opening of its new kitchen.

Ergo Chef is delighted to take part in MCCC’s new hospitality and culinary program, giving students the best cutlery possibly to make their experience the best it can be. We look forward to watching them succeed. Happy prepping!

Information & photo retrieved from http://bit.ly/olWvy6

Mike StaibMercer County Community College – Fully Equipped With Ergo Chef Cutlery
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Ergo Chef and Bed, Bath & Beyond

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Some exciting news as we head into a much-needed weekend! With your help, all of our slicing, dicing and hard work has paid off. Home-everything retailer Bed, Bath and Beyond is now carrying Ergo Chef’s Pro-Series and Knuckle Sandwich lines online.

Available knives include the Pro-Series Parer, Chef’s knife (the 6”, 8” and the 10”), boning knife, Santoku, Filet knife, bread knife and the carving knife. Also available are the Knuckle Sandwich 4” parer, 5.5” utility knife and the 8” chef’s knife.

Check out them all out here and tell your friends!

Mike StaibErgo Chef and Bed, Bath & Beyond
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Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival

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We could have taken the time off and lazed about in the not-too hot weather this weekend, but we’re too dedicated to you, our readers and knife users. Instead, we’re packed and ready to head off to the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival happening July 29-August 1, 2010 in (where else?) Atlantic City.

We’re psyched for the four day food party that features events, tastings and celebrity appearances. Our very own Guy Fieri will be on stage using his Ergo Chef knives with White House Chef Samuel Morgante. You can check out all of the events here.

Next up is the American Culinary Federation Event Series in Anaheim, CA. Man, it’s good to love food!

Mike StaibAtlantic City Food and Wine Festival
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Jay Leno Stikes Again!

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You might remember when we got a personal call from Jay Leno, thanking us for the knives we sent to him and his wife. Ever since then, our blossoming friendship has become even stronger. He even invited us out to his show in Los Angeles when we were out there, but alas, we couldn’t make it. (We know, we know: who’s too busy to turn down a personal invitation from Jay Leno? We’ll never live this one down.) Because of this, we think he finally gave up on us and decided to settle for the next best thing–our good friend Guy Fieri–who he recently invited back on his show for a cooking demo. Check out the two-part segment below and keep your eyes peeled for the knives!

Mike StaibJay Leno Stikes Again!
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We’re at the Metropolitan Cooking Show This Weekend. Are You??

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Ergo Chef and Guy Fieri in AtlantaThis weekend the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining show at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta Georgia will feature over 150 product exhibitors, where you can find kitchen gadgets, the best food and some of the best Celebrity Chefs and local chefs in the industry. Unfortunately Guy Fieri & Krew could not be in attendance this weekend as he was hosting a special breakfast at the Kentucky Derby.

Get your tickets to see live cooking demonstrations from Mario Batali, Paula Deen, and Bobby Flay.   There are even kids activities that will help get your youngsters cooking.  The adults can try their pallet on a plethora of great micro brews, wines and spirits as they uncork the bottles from 12-5pm on Saturday and Sunday in the tasting arena…

Oh, and don’t forget to stop by the Ergo Chef booth as President Scott Staib and Chef Randy Smith will be demoing all Ergo Chef products including the new Guy Fieri line of Knuckle Sandwich Cutlery.  We’ll be here to answer any questions you have and show you how to properly hold and use a knife.

Click Here to find out more & Get your tickets at: Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show

Mike StaibWe’re at the Metropolitan Cooking Show This Weekend. Are You??
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