How to say “I Love You, Mom”

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Mother’s day is coming up and we have the answer to this question. If the Mom(s) in your life love cooking then why not give them the tools to make it even more enjoyable? We’re talking about about sharp, ergonomically designed kitchen knives that make food prep and cooking a breeze.

And this year you have a couple of different opportunities to get your Mom a new professional kitchen knife for free!

Girl Gone Mom giveaway – Enter this contest to win an 8″ Pro-Series knife with Diamond Sharpener and Edge Guard.

Wellness Mats Fab-Five Mother’s Day Giveaway – Enter this contest to win an 6″ Pro-Series knife with Diamond Sharpener.

Of course, you can always purchase knives at our store.

Mike StaibHow to say “I Love You, Mom”

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