Atlantic City, Anaheim & New Knives Oh, My!

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We’re back from Atlantic City and Anaheim (we’re very busy!) and we’re happy to say that we had a great time. Guy did a fantastic job with White House Chef Samuel Morgante and event goers were impressed by the knife demo of Ergo Chef knives. Thanks, Guy, for a rockin’ time!

At the Anaheim show, the Ergo Chef brand was represented by our good friend Bobby. He joined forces with inventor Ken Krall of KenKuts, a restaurant-grade foil and plastic wrap cutter that eliminates the need for the old soiled, soggy cardboard cutter boxes. They were slicing things left and right.

Now for the next bit of news: After the smashing success of the Guy Fieri Chef and Utility knives, we’ve expanded the line to include a 5.5-inch Santoku (“Chopper”) and a 4-inch paring knife (“Lil Guy”). The knives have the same cool look as the original line—black, red and silver…with a star!—and make the ever-growing series look more like a complete set. (You just wait until our knife block, the “Battle Station”, enters the scene.)

What do think we should come up with next?

Mike StaibAtlantic City, Anaheim & New Knives Oh, My!

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