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Knife Safety In Your Kitchen

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Safe way to hold knife

Proper way to pinch grip your chef knife

Keeping Kids Safe Around Kitchen Knives

Knives are rated to be among the most common kitchen hazards, with more than 3.4 million children experiencing an unintentional household injury every year. It’s important to discuss and practice proper kitchen safety with your children, especially if you’re a fan of high-quality kitchen knives. Learning how to care for and use your knives and other kitchen utensils are only parts of being a great cook. Properly and securely storing them away so that they are out of reach of small hands, is one of the most important aspects of running a safe, efficient home kitchen.

Teach Your Children About Knives

Like guns, one of the biggest safety techniques applies for knives when it comes to children. Teach them about knives and let them ask questions in order to address any curiosity early on. If you want to, you can invest in a small kid-friendly knife set to allow them to participate in cooking and cutting with you. This will get them comfortable handling a knife, while also allowing them to learn practical life and culinary skills. If you’re going to do this, you’ll want to also teach them how to properly hold a knife, where to grip the handle and how much pressure to use, as well as the right cutting techniques to avoid injury. It should go without saying that you should never let your children use knives when unattended; but with an adult present, you should feel free to let them engage in a learning process that helps them cultivate confidence and life skills.

Practice Regular Knife Safety

Engaging in the proper handling of knives in the kitchen will not only set a good example for your children to learn how to handle the utensils, but it will also ensure your whole kitchen is safe for anybody who enters it. You’ll want to start by never keeping kitchen knives in a disorganized and regular drawer where blades are exposed which can cut somebody reaching into it.

Inserting knife into edge guard

Ergo Chef Universal Edge Guard

If your knife edges are not covered in a kitchen drawer please consider using Universal Edge Guards to properly cover the sharp edge for better knife safety. It’s a good idea to also keep a cork on the sharp tip as long as children are around or store them in a knife block that is up and out of their reach. And, as counter-intuitive as it might sound, you’ll want to always keep your knives sharp by using a sharpening tool and cleaning them regularly. If using a wet stone is too challenging for you try a spring loaded pull through sharpener to get a quick sharp edge. Dull knives require a greater force to cut something which often results in slips and cuts, especially when handled by children. Any chef will tell you, a sharp knife is a safer knife! If your knives have not been professionally sharpened in a few years, it’s most likely time to bring them to a qualified knife sharpener.  If you’ve invested in an ergonomic knife set specifically designed for the small hands of children, however, they should be fine.

Creating a Safe Kitchen Environment

A well-sharpened, high-quality knife set can turn a regular kitchen into a stellar, and knife safe one. This allows you to craft up delectable treats for your whole family, that you might not otherwise be able to cook. To ensure that your kitchen stays a stellar one, with proper knife safety,  you’ll want to always put safety first. Begin by teaching your children about the various different aspects of a kitchen and the utensils you use. Allow them to learn along with you as you cook. Never allow children to use knives or other dangerous kitchen appliances without adult supervision. Act as a positive role model with the way you handle yourself. Before you know it, you might have the next child Master Chef on your hands and at the least one who knows proper knife safety.

Author: Karoline Gore

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A safe kitchen is important but so is your home. A big investment that we must protect.  If you agree, check out this article on making your home safer with 6 burglar proofing tips from


Ergo Chef is introducing some amazing new kitchen products at the International Home and Housewares Show –  March 2nd- 5th at the Chicago McCormick Place.

One of the most exciting launches is our new Chef Guy Fieri Knuckle Sandwich Knives that are crafted from Japanese AUS8 Steel and come with a quality KYDEX sheath for safe storage. We designed this bold new look with the king of Flavortown and the premium materials deliver world class performance, with a look that says game on. Get yours today!

We have also added a new  Crimson G10 7″ Santoku knife, as it’s one of the most popular sizes on the market for a kitchen knife and often viewed as safer to use by some due to a rounded tip (No Point) on the front of blade.

For the outdoor grillmaster we have created a tool to make prepping your ribs easy and safe. The Myron Mixon BBQ Rib Skinner. Easily removes unwanted membrane so you can flavor your ribs for award winning taste.

For Safe, healthier and easy cooking in your kitchen, consider an Air Fryer.  Yield fried results with little to no oil and no messy clean up. The new Ergo Chef My Air Fryer is becoming a very popular item in homes around the country. You’ll wan’t a good size basket (5 qt. Minimum) & powerful 1700 Watt heater element for best results. Find out more about this must have kitchen appliance here: Ergo Chef My Air Fryer

Mike StaibKnife Safety In Your Kitchen
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Guy Fieri Battle Station Giveaway!


This is it… the BIG ONE!

We are giving away a 13 Piece Guy Fieri “Battle Station” 13 piece block set.

One lucky winner will get to have this beauty on their countertop in their very own kitchen – for FREE! Even the shipping is free.

How do you win? It’s super easy – all you have to do is “follow us…” make sure you are a fan on Facebook, a follower on our Twitter account, or a subscriber to this blog – or all three. Then tell all your friends. This contest runs through the fourth of July – what a great way to celebrate! Fireworks and a new knife set – does it get any better?!?

A winner will be randomly selected from all of Ergo Chef’s fans and followers on Tuesday, July 5th.

Mike StaibGuy Fieri Battle Station Giveaway!
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Ask Guy Fieri…


Our friend, Brad Bradley from Eat ‘n Listen blog, is going to be interviewing Guy Fieri at the upcoming International Home and Housewares show in Chicago. They’ll be talking about Guy’s “Knuckle Sandwich” lines of knives by Ergo Chef. Brad wants to know your opinion on what questions he should ask Guy, so please pop on over an submit a quick answer to Brad’s reader poll.

Mike StaibAsk Guy Fieri…
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Knife Signing at Dillard’s in TX

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Guy will be signing knives at Dillard’s in the North East Mall in Hurst, TX, on Friday, November 5th. Stop by and have your Knuckle Sandwich knives signed by the man himself.

No knives? No problem! While supplies last, the Knuckle Sandwich line will be available for purchase before the event.

Date:November 5, 2010
Time:4:30 PM-6 PM
Where:Dillard’s housewares department, North East Mall, Hurst, TX

If you can’t make it to Texas but still want your own Knuckle Sandwich Series knives, check out the entire line here.

Mike StaibKnife Signing at Dillard’s in TX
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Atlantic City, Anaheim & New Knives Oh, My!

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We’re back from Atlantic City and Anaheim (we’re very busy!) and we’re happy to say that we had a great time. Guy did a fantastic job with White House Chef Samuel Morgante and event goers were impressed by the knife demo of Ergo Chef knives. Thanks, Guy, for a rockin’ time!

At the Anaheim show, the Ergo Chef brand was represented by our good friend Bobby. He joined forces with inventor Ken Krall of KenKuts, a restaurant-grade foil and plastic wrap cutter that eliminates the need for the old soiled, soggy cardboard cutter boxes. They were slicing things left and right.

Now for the next bit of news: After the smashing success of the Guy Fieri Chef and Utility knives, we’ve expanded the line to include a 5.5-inch Santoku (“Chopper”) and a 4-inch paring knife (“Lil Guy”). The knives have the same cool look as the original line—black, red and silver…with a star!—and make the ever-growing series look more like a complete set. (You just wait until our knife block, the “Battle Station”, enters the scene.)

What do think we should come up with next?

Mike StaibAtlantic City, Anaheim & New Knives Oh, My!
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Guy Fieri Asks: “Where should I sell my knives??”


Guy Fieri

Hey Everyone,

We just got off the phone with Guy and he asked us to let you know he’s looking for your feedback on the stores where you’d like to see the Knuckle Sandwich knives. (We have two available now, and another two that you can pre-order now. Stay tuned for the official announcement on the release of the final pieces to the Knuckle Sandwich Series later this year.)

Until now we’ve been selling the knives directly through our site, but now it’s time to get them into the stores near you. If you have 20 seconds, please just head over to his site for the one-question survey. Seriously, 20 seconds.

Your choices? Target, Macy’s, Dillards, Sur la Table, Walmart, Kohl’s, Costco, Williams Sonoma, or Bed, Bath & Beyond. If you don’t see your favorite on his list, please just write in your favorite local store and we’ll get to work on bringing the knives to you. Again, the survey is just one-question, and is accessible HERE.


Mike StaibGuy Fieri Asks: “Where should I sell my knives??”
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