Jay Leno Plugs the Utility Dagger!


We just found this clip of Guy Fieri with Jay Leno, backstage before the Tonight Show. They talk food and about Jay’s favorite new knife: The Guy Fieri/Ergo Chef Knuckle Sandwich Dragon Dagger (utility knife). If you can bare the obligatory commercial NBC makes you watch, check it out!

Mike StaibJay Leno Plugs the Utility Dagger!


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  • Dora - March 14, 2010

    Welcome to blogging! And I love the website redesign. When did it go live? Well, never mind. Glad I caught it.

    We’re all very eager to see the new Knuckle Sandwich knives. I’ll keep checking back to see when they’ll be available to order.

    As always, best of luck with all you do,

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