Tips on How to Remove Meat and Grill a Lobster!

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Picking meat out of a lobster is an art. You want to make sure that you get as much of that delicious, sweet, succulent meat out of the shell as possible. It is also imperative to remove the flesh without getting it mixed up with little bits of the shell, which are not only sharp, but indigestible. There are several different knife techniques and scissor use at play, but with a little practice you can become an expert in no time.

TLobster daniel-norris-1105151-unsplashaking out the claw meat

To remove the claws, first you will need to twist the legs sharply at the base. You will then be able to twist the claws straight off from the legs. Using a large,  chef’s knife, like the 8″ Pro-Series, hit on the lobster claw with the heel of the knife. Make sure that you keep your fingers well away from the sharp edge of the blade. The weight of the knife should be doing the work, you don’t need to force your arm. You are aiming to crack the shell in order to remove it easily. If you have a particularly big lobster, it may take more than one hit. Take the small pincer firmly in your fingers and give it a wiggle to remove it – you can also release the meat this way. With a little finesse, you should be able to remove the meat all in one piece.

Check out this Video from How Cast showing details for removing all meat.


Photo by Daniel Norris on Unsplash

Removing lobster roe

The roe of the lobster, also known as the coral, is considered a delicacy, it is very strong in flavor. You can eat in just as it is, or combine it into a pate to spread onto toast as a canape. It can also be added to sauce for a luxurious finish. Using a boning knife, such as the Prodigy Series 6” loosen the roe carefully, by slipping it underneath. If your knife is adequately sharp, it will easily do the work, without you having to force your arm. You should aim to remove the roe all in one piece. Once the roe has been loosened, you should be able to simply pluck it out gently with your fingers.

Carving out the body meat

The meat from the main body of the lobster is extremely difficult to remove all in one piece, especially if the lobster has been grilled and is slightly overcooked. Pick up the body of the lobster, hold the flippers towards you, shell upwards. Pull back on both sides of the shell to loosen the meat. Make sure that you are standing up when you do this, so that your body isn’t hunched over. The action should come from the shoulder. You can then turn the lobster over and run your boning knife under the meat to completely separate it from the shell.

Using a knife you can remove your lobster meat from the shell in whole pieces – this isn’t possible if you are using a small lobster picker. With a little practice, you will soon have mastered these knife techniques.

It’s geGrilling lobster michelle-tsang-500725-unsplashtting warm out and the grills are lighting up.  Try cooking your lobster or shellfish on the grill this year.  You can find some great recipes on  or

Don’t forget the lobster Kitchen Shears and grill tong essentials.

Article Credit: Karoline Gore

Mike StaibTips on How to Remove Meat and Grill a Lobster!

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